Cos Tafari

Director and Manager of Majestic Radio with radio presenting experience gained from BBC 3 Counties and Omega Radio, Cos Tafari has a wealth of community works, activism and musical recordings to bring to his radio presentations. From his early days being involved in sound system, to setting up an Afro-Caribbean Housing Association to being involved in leading various cultural projects to laying down his vocal expressions in various studios with released material on vynil & CD format, Cos Tafari maintains a level of integrity to all he is involved in. Catch him on Friday evenings with ‘The Cool Runnings Show’ from 22.00 – 24.00 Midnight (GMT) presenting that conscious musical style with the occasional live interview ! One of his favourite lyrics from the wealth of classics in the roots reggae genre is “Every man does his thing a little way different”……..!! For a glimpse into his works check out