Dr Remedy


Music has been part of my life, from ever since I was a little boy when my parents would play music on their gramophone and my brother and sister would listen to music played on the pirate radio stations by Steve Barnard and Tony Williams.

My sister and I worked weekends, at the age of 11 and 12 where it was at this time that we started our collection of music.  We also built our very own music system with an old amplifier and unwanted speakers in the 70s  where we were asked to do our first gig for a Boxing Tournament in Paddington – from then onwards we’ve never looked back – this was a success and to present date the boxing club called, The All Stars still exist on the Harrow Road, Paddington, London.

As I approached my youthful times I became more and  more interested in the musical instruments where I chose to learning how to play the drums and my brother went onto playing the bass guitar, along with all the wind instruments but my Sis continued on in Education but still loved music.

I on the other hand, went out of my way to save real hard and soon bought my own drum kit where I played for popular artistes such as King Sounds, Vivian Jones, Keith Douglas Cimarron’s and various other bands, again I never looked back.

From then onwards friends and family soon approached me to playing music for them but most importantly almost each and every day, wherever and whenever I can music has been a remedy to life’s expectations – hence the name Dr Remedy.