About Majestic Radio

Majestic Radio is made up of three Co-founders, who being involved in the roots music fraternity for many years between them, decided with their collective experience to establish their own radio station. The studio of Majestic Radio was blessed and launched by Majestic DJ's and friends on the 23rd July 2011, with the reading of Psalms and a selection of positive roots music creating history on that evening !

We stand firm in 2014 with optimism even though 'corrupt government systems' continues to pressure everyday people, for in the words of a long time tune by Delroy Wilson ~ Better Must Come ! Hold strong all nice and decent people. The universe has moved into a new phase of Cleanliness and Godliness and former negative attitudes and systems will dissolve.

It is well know that mainstream radio does not include reggae music on it's playlists', there appears to be an obvious bias against this genre of music although it is so well loved by all nationalities since as far back as the early seventies and in fact many songs made it into the mainstream charts and onto the national television music shows of the day. So the question is 'Why is there this bias?' Is it because there are ongoing injustices right acorss the spectrum in the world that only Reggae artists have the courage to freely articulate about ? Is it because governments and institutions are avoiding the matter of reparations ? What we do know is that the lyrical content of quality reggae music is a tremendous force for positive social change and is embraced by billions of all nationalities. In this regard, the ethos of Majestic Radio is to promote the broadcasting of quality reggae music and music of other genres that are uplifting to the human family. Majestic Radio presenters are spiritually free to promote the music and positive teachings of Rastafari.

A range of shows are provided by our presenters that will entertain and appeal to various tastes within the music community whilst of course, making sure the beautiful ladies, sistrens and empresses are all catered for. Blessings to all !!


~ When I Negus Records and Roots Foundation meet only good things can happen ~